Sentimental Mood

I miss Nacogdoches. GASP! I know… Sue me!

But, I miss…. MY quiet house/Personal Space… MY computer, MY BED, not living out of a suitcase… therefore wearing the same damn tee shirt every week. SFA (already validated professors), quarter tank of gas lasting me 2 weeks, Nacogdoches “traffic”, the job that allowed for 8 hours of Internet blogging and such.

Most of all I miss JoDan. Life sucks without that last part.

I need to dry my crocodile tears because I’ll be gone till September. I’ll be gone till September.


Girlfriends, if you are reading I need a wine nite please, preferably with Coltrane present.


**Interesting Fact of the Day** True love means kicking ass if someone acts stupid in front of your beloved, you might find this odd but trust me…. I SEEN IT!


Haven’t had the urge or the time to compete against myself to see how many words I know and try to squeeze all of them into this blog and have it make sense…

The past 3 weeks have been a fine example of the reason for this blog’s existence. School is killing me… no literally… killing me… and yes, this “career student” is complaining about her current employer.

I have been longing to say these words because they remind me of a special group of women so here it is… brace yourself…





ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY SUCKS! I CHOSE GOD!!!!  He created man and woman. Done. “A” plus for Jo! I could give a ratz about the appendicular system… for realz….

I have been up for the past day… going on the 2nd studying… not cramming… for all the holier than thous… but seriously cracking the code on what it takes to pass this class. So far, I have failed EVER SINGLE EXAM we’ve had this summer. I promise I’m not retarded or anything, its just soooooo much. “You have an exam on chapters 1-18 on Friday.” Wtf?

So far I have been only drinking 5 hour energy shots and Starbucks… so any minute I could go into cardiac arrest and then my professor would not count my passing as an “excusable absence” and STILL FAIL me.

So, pray hard for me, peeps.

Viva La Vida

Daniel & I finally took our trip to Mexico and that was fun & all but I had to scribble a few words down concerning the bigger picture… how and why we got to Mexico in the first place.

I typically haven’t discussed my experience at Rachael Ray just that I acknowledged that it happened and not because I’m ashamed that I got married on “reality television” or that it wasn’t significant in my life… because it very much was so… but I keep that week, that day, that experience, and those people somewhere else inside of me. I realize that I’m still “green” in life but I still haven’t ever been so emotionally moved/disturbed whatever was going on in my entire existence. It still freaks me out to think that I allowed myself to “go there” and in such a public way… to this day whenever questioned I still say ” it was cool” and you can all imagine the blank stares I get back in return. But, it will continue to remain in the pits of my insides because it is mine. It is my memory that no one can take away from me… or judge… or make fun…

I forget how much those women mean to me… we joined some weird sorority that weekend and God bless them for allowing me to participate in the uttermost intimate moment of their lives. It was more than pleasure, ladies. Again, divine intervention or the “perfect schedule” allowed for us to cross paths just when it had started to drift away and we were able to remember that week leading up to the BIG DAY. Still the same witty, smart women I met 8 months ago only now we had graduated and aim to be great wives with great husbands at our sides. It was nice. Very nice.

November is coming up and it will be symbolic of TWO accomplishments for Team JoDan. It will solidify our chosen lifestyle to be married and committed and is symbolic for the day we both decided to bag up all turmoil in our lives and throw away. For. Good. No. Mas.


Happy Monday yall.


** Interesting Fact of the Day ** I did NOT use a single swear word in this entire “journal.” Amazeballs! (and she’s back.)

Devil Dog

This morning I was exchanging emails with my mother-in-law about our favorite topic, Daniel. It was the typical chatter until she said this:

“Did you know he felt the same way about you? I found one of his notebooks “I love Jo”… I didn’t even know who you were… boys are dumb. Yes, I’m serious. After he left for the Marines I went thru all the trash in his truck accumulated from 4 years of high school….all in his truck. I saw it then, artistically decorating the back cardboard cover of a beaten up notebook. I wish I had kept it …had I known. And I will add that I did not see any other girls names anywhere…that’s one reason I noticed “I love Jo.””

Awe! He doodled me! It must have really been meant to be! When I was 16 I use to chase Daniel up and down the halls of Oak Ridge High. I was a silly little girl and he was so fine!

Daniel was 17 when he went off to boot camp, his parents had to sign consent because he was underage.Marine Daniel 04-06 00003I’m not sure how old he is here… 20-21? I love this pic.Marine Daniel 04-06 00004

Daniel is 18-19 years old in this pic, he looks like a baby!Marine Daniel 04-06 00005


Be safe ladies, sleep with a Marine 🙂

** Interesting Fact of The Day ** Daniel’s nickname in the Marine Corps was “Whiskey Vick.” He has whiskey colored eyes and consumed whiskey excessively during the glory years! He has a plaque to prove it!

The Suck.

If you are related or know a Marine, then you a fully aware of the phrase “The Suck.” The Suck is like an unfortunate string of events, an inconvenience or hell of some sort. This is my “Suck.” Observe:

 RINGS! My Kayne West ring tone… its my Mom.

Jo: Hey

Mom: Hey, Beanie. Are you sleeping?

Jo: No, I’m layin’ around.

Mom: You sound like you’re sleeping.

Jo: I am tired but not sleeping yet. I’ve had trouble at night sleeping, Night Terrors.

Mom: You haven’t been taking your medicine have you? Are you dizzy? Shooting pains? Go get your prescription filled!

Jo: I did, I got a 3 month supply for 10 bucks… it’ll go away soon.

Mom: That’s good Beanie! When do you come home? I can’t wait! You don’t have to worry about cleaning, cooking, laundry, nothing… no more work it’s all taken care of!

Jo: Really? I really did quit this time. I’m just so busy Mom…

Mom: I know, you need to quit pressuring yourself so much! It’s all taken care of Beanie… how is Danielson? Did he find a job?

Jo: I’ll come home tomorrow, I’m so excited now, Mom… we can drink wine together! Dan is fine… no job… still Navy Officer possibility… I don’t care either way.

Mom: Yes, Beanie, we can drink wine and WORK OUT together. You should help him find a job, Bean.

Jo. No on both, Mom. I love you. See you tomorrow.

Mom: Oh, Beanie, don’t be like that! Don’t rush yourself or Danielson coming down tomorrow… take your time. K. Bye.

As soon as I hang up the phone, “Danielson” is bringing me a glass of wine, dinner, and made brownies!!!! I am a lucky Son O’ Bitch! I love “The Suck!”

**InterestingFact of the Day ** Jarhead is one of the best movies ever made in our generation. Per “Nestie” post this is also one of the best novel turned movie characters as well. Ooohh-Rah!!

foxIsn’t she lovely? She really is my queen! Dan & I are fortunate to have both sets of parents treat us “this way.” They are the sole reason we will NEVER really grow up. Thank God for Mommies & Daddies.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

The past few days I have been dying to find out more about the following things:

1) David Bowie, apparently narrated a version of Peter & The Wolf, the audio includes full score and story… awesome! I must cop!

2) When I was kid I was enrolled in a school that had an AMAZING arts program. I was maybe 8 years old when I heard/saw my first opera. It was in Japanese and the story was about a japanese princess that beheaded her many suitors until she finds the one she loves, and I cannot remember the name of it! The Ice Princes? Ice Queen? It is really bothering me and I have been scouring the net for the past few days to find it. Boo. I loved it.

3) Same program, one of the first lessons taught was to SEE music. Or teacher put us in a dimly lit classroom, handed us paper and pen and then played SOMETHING, we were instructed to close our eyes and draw what we saw. It was the BEST lesson ever! In my brain I can remember the classroom setting, the Manila paper I drew on, even what I drew but I cannot remember what was being played. I have it in my head but I sound retarded trying to communicate. Another thing I’ve been looking for on the web; its not anything Fantasia, Nutcracker, Bach, Beethoven that I’ve been listening to over the past few days and it’s driving me nuts! Ugh!

4) I want a new tattoo. Hear me out, this is so cool! I want to get Daniel’s John Hancock… like literally sign a piece of paper and then have it retraced on my skin. Neat huh? I was thinking down my side. Kat Von D had Nikki Sixx write her a love letter on then tattooed on her shoulder and it is beautiful! The work is amazing. I want to find an artist that will be able to have the detail and steady hand to do something like this. Again, I can’t find a damn picture of Kat’s tattoo to convey a visual to what I’m rambling about! I was thinking for an anniversary…

I must be really bored without a job, if these are things I am currently obsessing about. 🙂

JoDan will be on hiatus…

Could it be? I really do love my husband? Ha, I meant love him as in need him, care about him, and have caught myself referring to him as “husband” on this blog twice now. Oye vey! My hard surface is beginning to crack.

I was chatting with a friend and it hit me, starting next week I will be without him for a solid month. I will be in Houston doing an internship and going to school at a local community college and he will back in Nacogdoches working and also going to school. My friend suggested that we see each other on the weekends, which is, I guess, our only option but what about nights, sleeping alone? I use to hate it when he would sleep over because he would hog the bed but now he is my snuggle pom and I HAVE, HAVE,  HAVE to drape my leg over his body in order to sleep. Now I will be cuddling with a Pomeranian or sleeping in my parents bed lol. This blows. Then my friend goes on to suggest that I will be plenty busy with our numerous wine nights we already have scheduled, but I’m sure I will be an absolute drag as going to her house and seeing her with her hubby would most likely have me in tears. Boo. I will be alone in the world, fuck… now I remember why being single sucked so much ass.

** Interesting Fact of the Day **

Today, I got asked to compare Dan & I’s relationship to another popular couple and I immediately thought of  The Taming of the Shrew. This is how I ultimately feel down deep inside but I instead answered: “Milo & Otis without a doubt! Cat & Dog… different but great friends and make the best team!” Kinda the same thing if you think about REAL hard about it. 🙂

Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,
Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee,
And for thy maintenance commits his body
To painful labour both by sea and land,
To watch the night in storms, the day in cold,
Whilst thou liest warm at home, secure and safe,
And craves no other tribute at thy hands
But love, fair looks, and true obedience,
Too little payment for so great a debt.