This is me, I’m the girl in the picture even though my name suggest otherwise.


Dan & I are newlyweds and we have both been married twice… to each other. Sound weird? Well thats because it is-wierd and special at the same time. Six months after we got engaged we chose a place for us to be married, a few months after that my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and some shady business decisions caused our venue to go bankrupt but not before they took all the money we had invested  in them. I always say that if Dan had decided to marry a white girl, he wouldn’t have been in that mess, that he would already be happily married and playing golf or some shit somewhere in the world. 

It was a few months after that Rachael Ray’s people called my people and by people I mean my cell phone. So, on November 2 we became the shameless publicity whores on reality television cheapening the sacredness of marriage to air it on national television with 20 other brides. It was GREAT! Best expirience/gift I could ever give my family. We didn’t get as much free shit as you would imagine but we did get HOOKED up. November 11 on Veteran’s Day my Dad (a veteran in the army) underwent a major surgery that not only saved his life and the future of our family but completely cured him of cancer. Doctors are calling him a miracle as most victims of Pancreatic Cancer don’t make it past  the first year. Did I also mention that November is the official month supporting Pancreatic Cancer research??? So what were the odds that something so extraordinary could happen to my family??? There weren’t any. Those who don’t believe in God should be reading this closely, it was the time in my life where my questions were answered. I’m not a different person by any means but I did go through some strange epiphinany of what my life could be. So, it is my mission in life, the reason for my “extremeness”, the driving force of an undeniable potential that I posses that has me in a life or death pursuit of happiness.

rrmarried 2family

A few months later after after dad has recovered some, we collectively as a family decided to do it all over again, and it was wonderful.











So now we are REALLY married, like it or NOT!jo_daniel_0279


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