Empire State of Mind

It’s where dreams are made of.

There is nothing you can’t do.

Because the streets will make you feel brand new and the BIG lights will inspire you.

Let’s here it for New York…

New York….

New York.

I’m the new Sinatra.



Today I was introduced to  someone of significance. At one point in her career, Oscar De La Renta faxed her sketches of his upcoming line, talked fashion with David Bowie, and came on a tad too strong with Woody Allen once.

And I am not kidding.

She was from Midland, a small town gal, decades behind… like me.





She told me to do the right thing….





“Move out of Texas” she said… “You are young and ambitious? Aren’t you?” she said… “You can move back to Texas when you are no longer ambitious and STILL AREN’T RICH” she said… “You can write from anywhere in the world” she said…



Damn you, Bond, you are so fucking right. Too bad I’m chicken shit.



** Song of the Day **  Um, its self explanatory what song has been belting out in my tiny brain all day.

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