“Your look is more like nuclear and no body wants it.”

I have nothing remotely interesting going on in my bubble. Absolutely nothing. I must be tired.

It’s the second week of school in my last semester– a whooping 22 hours! It isn’t killing me yet, but ask mid-October.

Did you know there is a graduation fee? No, seriously. At SFASU its $25 bucks! Twenty-Five Dollars. Wtf? There should be a fucking plaque with my picture on it next to the future baseball field; as in since my time at SFASU I have never had a bill less than 400 PER semester in parking fees. No joke. I’m going to make a scrapbook of all my mishaps to show my kids, I seriously think I have an old boot back from my high school days.

A quick re-cap on all my current schedule, feel free to laugh… or be jealous.

Art100- Drawing. A Freshman level course but you know how I roll. No rules. No grading criteria. Just draw your ass off.

HMS363- Advanced Textiles. Further study on genetic makeup of every single fabric known or ever created by man.

HMS212- History of Interiors. Another Freshman level course. Tedious and thats why I waited so long to take.

HMS400- Professional Lecture Series. Oh. My. Gah. Such a fucking  joke. We also have to wear “professional” attire EVERYDAY that we have class, so I have promised myself to wear them EXACT same outfit each time she sees me. I’ll show her.

HMS137- Principles of Food & Preparation. Love this course.

ACC101- Principles of Accounting. Repeat. I’m still bitter.

HMS208- Creative Design Studio. I was the most nervous about this class… so far… so good.

AGR480- Topics in AGR. Our class has a real client! We drawing up blueprints for a horse stable. Go ahead and laugh.


So this is my life, everyday, for the next 100 and some odd days. Nite-Nite.


** Song of the Day ** The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen. 


*** The title is a movie quote, sorta interesting fact of the day-ish…..


2 responses to ““Your look is more like nuclear and no body wants it.”

  1. love the idea of wearing the same outfit in that class everyday haha make sure to let us know how that goes

  2. Stil jealous to the max about your cooking class. Not jealous of accounting. 😛

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