Ann Marie & Charlie

Charlie Bear Vicknair was born August 16, 2008 and came from a litter of four. He was the Alpha and only male. He would hog all of his mother’s milk and at three days old he had no teeth and his eyes hadn’t open, yet on that morning we found him asleep in the food bowl with kibble breaking down in his mouth. We should have known then…

Thanksgiving of that same year, Charlie ran away to Beltway 8 and was actually run over (by the neck) and survived. He scared the crap out of us but we believed him to be Super POM! He even had tire tread marks on his fur.

Charlie was named for two special reasons: we were dying for a dog named Charlie from “All Dogs go to Heaven”  and my family teased that I resembled Ann Marie when I was little.  Secondly, we give our dogs treats that are titled “Charlie Bears” so it seemed destined.

A few days ago we found Charlie’s body in a sleeping position, and I can only hope he was dreaming of Dingos and Charlie Bear treats… I miss you so much Boo-Bear.

I have been crying for you every day mostly because the house is too quite and I actually miss things being broken when you have been there. I would give anything (including graduation) if you were alive again and I hope you know how much Daniel and I loved you.

In “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” after Charlie died he visited Ann Marie in her dreams, I hope you do the same.

Best Friends Forever.

ac1(Happy Family)

pups(Charlie is at the far right, he was the only one born with a pink nose and green eyes, just like his mother.)

bears at play(I know he is chewing up Jesus’s sandle on his cloud)

 all-dogs-go-to-heaven-disney-animation(Charlie & I in the after life)

**Interesting Fact of the Day ** There will no longer be any more interesting facts of the day, its mostly crap I saw on tv, things Daniel told me throughout my day, or things that occur in my real life– I think its more suiting for song of the day instead 🙂

PS-Daniel highly disputes this new change in the blog.

** Song of the Day **  “Soon You’ll Come Home” Lana Beeson from “All Dogs Go to Heaven” Soundtrack. G.I.B. it will have you in real tears.

2 responses to “Ann Marie & Charlie

  1. I am so so sorry. I have a POM too and cannot imagine day to day life with him gone.

  2. oh Jo I am so sorry to hear about your pup.

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