Self Loathing in Nacogdoches???

Hello cruel world!

It’s been damn near a month since I have written anything recreational. Where have I been? Slummin’ it up at the HCC. A mockery of higher education, yet this hardly witty punchline just kicked my ass. Hard. It knocked me straight into ground and I’ve digested dirt among other unpleasant things.

The self proclaimed “artist” (me) are truley scattered brain and only bring one skill to this earth… that would be some given specialty…. my specialty is still yet to be categorized but I know for damn sure it is not accounting. Mother Fucker.

I am having a hard time coping with the fact that my window of victory seems to grow smaller so that my wide ass hips cannot fit through. Ugh!

I’m too negative to continue with this useless rant. It ruins the “artistry” of it. Ha. See? Meanie Beanie is still me, I just made a funny.


** Useless Fact of the Day ** Ratatouille says the word “hell” in the movie. For Shame!!!

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