Haven’t had the urge or the time to compete against myself to see how many words I know and try to squeeze all of them into this blog and have it make sense…

The past 3 weeks have been a fine example of the reason for this blog’s existence. School is killing me… no literally… killing me… and yes, this “career student” is complaining about her current employer.

I have been longing to say these words because they remind me of a special group of women so here it is… brace yourself…





ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY SUCKS! I CHOSE GOD!!!!  He created man and woman. Done. “A” plus for Jo! I could give a ratz about the appendicular system… for realz….

I have been up for the past day… going on the 2nd studying… not cramming… for all the holier than thous… but seriously cracking the code on what it takes to pass this class. So far, I have failed EVER SINGLE EXAM we’ve had this summer. I promise I’m not retarded or anything, its just soooooo much. “You have an exam on chapters 1-18 on Friday.” Wtf?

So far I have been only drinking 5 hour energy shots and Starbucks… so any minute I could go into cardiac arrest and then my professor would not count my passing as an “excusable absence” and STILL FAIL me.

So, pray hard for me, peeps.

One response to “Grit.

  1. Dude,. i loooooove A&P!!!!! let me know if i can help in anyway!

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