Viva La Vida

Daniel & I finally took our trip to Mexico and that was fun & all but I had to scribble a few words down concerning the bigger picture… how and why we got to Mexico in the first place.

I typically haven’t discussed my experience at Rachael Ray just that I acknowledged that it happened and not because I’m ashamed that I got married on “reality television” or that it wasn’t significant in my life… because it very much was so… but I keep that week, that day, that experience, and those people somewhere else inside of me. I realize that I’m still “green” in life but I still haven’t ever been so emotionally moved/disturbed whatever was going on in my entire existence. It still freaks me out to think that I allowed myself to “go there” and in such a public way… to this day whenever questioned I still say ” it was cool” and you can all imagine the blank stares I get back in return. But, it will continue to remain in the pits of my insides because it is mine. It is my memory that no one can take away from me… or judge… or make fun…

I forget how much those women mean to me… we joined some weird sorority that weekend and God bless them for allowing me to participate in the uttermost intimate moment of their lives. It was more than pleasure, ladies. Again, divine intervention or the “perfect schedule” allowed for us to cross paths just when it had started to drift away and we were able to remember that week leading up to the BIG DAY. Still the same witty, smart women I met 8 months ago only now we had graduated and aim to be great wives with great husbands at our sides. It was nice. Very nice.

November is coming up and it will be symbolic of TWO accomplishments for Team JoDan. It will solidify our chosen lifestyle to be married and committed and is symbolic for the day we both decided to bag up all turmoil in our lives and throw away. For. Good. No. Mas.


Happy Monday yall.


** Interesting Fact of the Day ** I did NOT use a single swear word in this entire “journal.” Amazeballs! (and she’s back.)


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  1. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

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