The Suck.

If you are related or know a Marine, then you a fully aware of the phrase “The Suck.” The Suck is like an unfortunate string of events, an inconvenience or hell of some sort. This is my “Suck.” Observe:

 RINGS! My Kayne West ring tone… its my Mom.

Jo: Hey

Mom: Hey, Beanie. Are you sleeping?

Jo: No, I’m layin’ around.

Mom: You sound like you’re sleeping.

Jo: I am tired but not sleeping yet. I’ve had trouble at night sleeping, Night Terrors.

Mom: You haven’t been taking your medicine have you? Are you dizzy? Shooting pains? Go get your prescription filled!

Jo: I did, I got a 3 month supply for 10 bucks… it’ll go away soon.

Mom: That’s good Beanie! When do you come home? I can’t wait! You don’t have to worry about cleaning, cooking, laundry, nothing… no more work it’s all taken care of!

Jo: Really? I really did quit this time. I’m just so busy Mom…

Mom: I know, you need to quit pressuring yourself so much! It’s all taken care of Beanie… how is Danielson? Did he find a job?

Jo: I’ll come home tomorrow, I’m so excited now, Mom… we can drink wine together! Dan is fine… no job… still Navy Officer possibility… I don’t care either way.

Mom: Yes, Beanie, we can drink wine and WORK OUT together. You should help him find a job, Bean.

Jo. No on both, Mom. I love you. See you tomorrow.

Mom: Oh, Beanie, don’t be like that! Don’t rush yourself or Danielson coming down tomorrow… take your time. K. Bye.

As soon as I hang up the phone, “Danielson” is bringing me a glass of wine, dinner, and made brownies!!!! I am a lucky Son O’ Bitch! I love “The Suck!”

**InterestingFact of the Day ** Jarhead is one of the best movies ever made in our generation. Per “Nestie” post this is also one of the best novel turned movie characters as well. Ooohh-Rah!!

foxIsn’t she lovely? She really is my queen! Dan & I are fortunate to have both sets of parents treat us “this way.” They are the sole reason we will NEVER really grow up. Thank God for Mommies & Daddies.

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