Devil Dog

This morning I was exchanging emails with my mother-in-law about our favorite topic, Daniel. It was the typical chatter until she said this:

“Did you know he felt the same way about you? I found one of his notebooks “I love Jo”… I didn’t even know who you were… boys are dumb. Yes, I’m serious. After he left for the Marines I went thru all the trash in his truck accumulated from 4 years of high school….all in his truck. I saw it then, artistically decorating the back cardboard cover of a beaten up notebook. I wish I had kept it …had I known. And I will add that I did not see any other girls names anywhere…that’s one reason I noticed “I love Jo.””

Awe! He doodled me! It must have really been meant to be! When I was 16 I use to chase Daniel up and down the halls of Oak Ridge High. I was a silly little girl and he was so fine!

Daniel was 17 when he went off to boot camp, his parents had to sign consent because he was underage.Marine Daniel 04-06 00003I’m not sure how old he is here… 20-21? I love this pic.Marine Daniel 04-06 00004

Daniel is 18-19 years old in this pic, he looks like a baby!Marine Daniel 04-06 00005


Be safe ladies, sleep with a Marine 🙂

** Interesting Fact of The Day ** Daniel’s nickname in the Marine Corps was “Whiskey Vick.” He has whiskey colored eyes and consumed whiskey excessively during the glory years! He has a plaque to prove it!

2 responses to “Devil Dog

  1. That is a sweet post!

  2. why didn’t i know he was a marine? im lame…

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