Doesn’t make the heart grow fonder but a helleva lot more sentimental. “Blame it on dat Chardonnay” but I can’t wait to get next to you tonight.

I am absolutely obsessed with you and I know it’s pathetic but I simply cannot help it. Dear God, if this isn’t REAL love then help me to NEVER surrender to its pureness. Baby, you may be my “first husband” but you will always be my favorite… and the sexiest. If you only knew what you did to my insides.

I love to see you walk into a room, body shining, lighting up the place. And when you talk. Everybody stops. ‘Cause they know you know what just to say. And the way that you protect your friends, Baby, I RESPECT you for that, and when you grow, you take everyone you know along… oh how I love that you…

I get SO EXCITED when you travel with me, Baby, while I’m on my GRIND, and NEVER would I EVER  let my HUSTLE come between ME & MY FAMILY TIME, you keep me HUMBLE and out of this hype, because you know there’s more to LIFE, and if I need you, you will be here, YOU WILL MAKE THE SACRIFICE.

Don’t need a diamond key to unlock my heart, you are the shelter to my soul, you are my FIRE when I am cold, just want you to know… you had me at HELLO.

I’ve got to feel you… and be near you… you are the AIR THAT I NEED TO SURVIVE.  I’ve got to hold you, I wanna show you… that without you, my sun DOESN’T SHINE… You don’t have to TRY SO HARD FOR ME TO LOVE YOU. Boy, because my life without you is NOT THE SAME.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRY SO HARD FOR ME TO LOVE YOU… Because, you had me at HELLO… It was many years ago… Baby when you stole MY COOL.

love and happiness

Thank God for you Daniel, for having the ability to make another person so happy. I Love you, my baby.


**Interesting Fact of the Day** Being in love, and having dogs helps you live LONGER!

One response to “Yellowtail…

  1. You are the most beautiful girl in the world!! Daniel married UP UP UP!!

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