Unwelcomed Visitor in Pomeranian’s Paradise

I have spoken about our love/hate relationship Dan & I with our three rambunctious pomeranians… mostly love rather than hate and its traumatic incidents that I am about to share with you that help the two of us to fight the exhaustion that come with rearing so many animals and push forward.

We have a huge backyard… really big… a 1/3rd of an acre and our animals love it. We bought a baby pool for them to play in, they have plenty of shade, toys, sticks, trees, running space and neighboring dogs to play with. Ahh, a pomeranian’s paradise. Typically they are itching to get out around 5 am and and scratch at the door around 10:30 p.m. and tonight was no exception. Charlie came in raising hell as usual, running into an ironing board that didn’t get put away this morning and causing the iron to wobble nervously over the edge while Todd scampered in and circled “figure 8s” between Daniel’s legs who was frustrated because he was trying to save the teetering iron and being cautious not to step on a pom paw at the same time. Usually Lola will run over to me hop on the couch and shower me with pom kisses and love bites, not this time. We both noticed there was no Lola. Daniel went to the ajarred backdoor and called her name a second time and a few moments later a slowly moving Lola stumbled in head down and tail between her legs. Daniel called to her for a third time and she finally raised her eyes to meet his. Lola’s snout was swollen something terrible… her nose was dripping liquid and she was breathing rapidly almost gasping for air.

My focus was now on Charlie who was attempting to leap onto the kitchen counter to make grabs for Texas Trash leftovers (he really has done this before) and hadn’t noticed Lola’s injury until I could hear panic in Dan’s voice. “Oh my God, we have to go the hospital RIGHT NOW.” I turned to see Lola’s hideous face and quickly agreed. Lola’s deteriorating condition scared the hell out of us and I grabbed Charlie & Todd’s faces to see if Lola’s plague had spread to them as well… nope… two stupid grins. I grabbed keys and met Dan in the car who consoling Lola and he demanded I call the vet on the way to the doggie hospital. I had never seen Dan so unraveled especially in this situation, I was the more emotionally invested one in the animals… if he was scared something bad must really be happening … I brushed away tears and did as he instructed. At first the vet insisted she had swallowed or was stung by a bee and benadryl was the solution but my voice was cracking and I was questioning him over and over again so he finally agreed to meet us at his office… for a small fee of course.

The emergency trip was absolutely necessary as it turns out Lola had been bitten by a copperhead snake on the bridge of her nose. Her lungs were clear, gums still healthy pink, temperature and heart in stable condition and she had energy to walk and make eye contact with us. All great signs. She had a few injections and we were sent home with meds and Lola in tow just in time for Family Guy. This brush with death cost us 200 bucks… my poor little Lola. Lola will be sleeping in our bed tonight instead of her kennel and Dan & I will take turns being home with dogs over the next few days. The vet was concerned about Lola and possible heat stroke with her snake bite and we decided it would be best to take the same precaution with all animals until we can “snake proof” our pomeranian’s paradise again.


Lola’s swollen snout, the shot the vet gave her began to work rather quickly and has gone down significantly than we first saw her. The doc showed us a frozen copperhead that was mostly likely the size that bit her. It was huge and I refuse to go outside after dark from now on.

**Interesting Fact of the Day** Pulling up into vet’s office there was a huge billboard that said “Snake season beware of bites!” We were causalities of such awful season. Lola was photographed and documented for the sake of statistics. poor thing.

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