Winterkill is the tragic occurence of plants and animals that are overexposed to extreme winter conditions and result in death.

I am that plant/animal and my overexposure is the chronic beating of scholastic activity. I am not complaining just worn out. Really worn out. Like hibernation, I cannot get enough sleep and the gumption to pick a book is painful. Literally, physically painful. Must. Snap. Out. Of. It. Summer secession finals are 2 weeks away and I have exam scores of 53 and 73… Arg.

Must remain calm and focused in preventitive measures of falling victim to college winterkill statistics. For the love of poms its friggin’ June.

kill me

** Interesting Fact of the Day **
I am currently being asked to look at a any given house and be able to tell you what kind of roof it has and styles of influences in which the house has been built. True Story.

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