Unhappily married day 2

I did not get any sleep last night, and now I know why married people coined the inspirational verse “Always kiss me goodnight…” and have it sewn on decorative pillows to be sold for fifty bucks a pop at Z-Gallerie.

Dan & I went to bed in complete silence after a long day of trading occasional insults and dirty glances. Instead of having our beloved pillow talk, soft kisses, hugs, and spooning (gawd how I love to spoon) we both lay on opposites of our queen sized bed, flat on our backs and stared blankly at the ceiling. White noise is terribly annoying , I figured out, and my much needed draping of the leg did not go over Dan’s warm body but instead over a king size pillow dividing our sides of the bed right down the middle. So I tossed and turned, sick to my stomach about us not making love but instead choosing war… and wondering if he is sad about the very same thing.

I watch the sun creep up from my window and a glimpse of my sleeping lamb in daylight made feel like such a bitch for not letting it go yesterday. I inched my way into his sleeping arms played with his hair, stoked his soft breathing face, and I know this weird, but I inhaled large quantities of Dan scent. I absolutely love the way he smells. I got up and went to class as usual with thoughts about the stupid way we chose to spend the weekend, I couldn’t wait to see him later on in the afternoon to officially call a truce. I called him on the way home from class but he did not pick up and I assumed he was already on his way to school. So, I waited at home for him with television and wedding board forums to keep me from watching the clock.

An hour late he finally storms in the house and his body language is obviously signaling that he is not happy. I asked how an exam went for him, and he snarled back at me “brutal, I woke up late and you can guess how my morning has been. What time did you wake up?” Pause. Hmmm. “7… my class is at 8.” I finally answer and my pissed off meters are starting to rise. He literally scoffs at my reply and says it would have been considerate of me to wake him up this morning. Wtf? His alarm was going off as I walking out of the door AND I called his cell phone to which he did not fuking answer. I just stare at him cooly and fight the urge to chunk the remote at his stupid face. What a jackass. Then he turns his back to me to answer a phone call!!! Get this… I am listening to him give relationship advice to a friend. Is he kidding? What a joke.

So the war continues! I was going to make the first step and smooth things out with him but all of that sentimental nonsense is out the window. No dice. No fuking way. If I were him I’d get his shit together in time for his birthday this weekend and quick, because he will be looking quite pathetic when his mother is the only person who gives a damn that he was ever born.

Happy fuking Monday yall.


**Interesting fact of the day** 

Dan was once published in a Marine Corp cookbook for his famous snickerdoodles… I’m serious.

One response to “Unhappily married day 2

  1. You are such a real chica!

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