Double Take…

The seal has been broken… blogging for the first time was much like some other firsts I’ve had in my life: thinking about doing it for some time, nervous, heart racing, wondering about the consequences, anxious at the thought of exposing my vulnerabilities… and then it happens. The experience was awkward but well received for both parties, I enjoyed performing and my audience was well entertained. Success. Now off on my journey to explore different, um… methods of blogging.

Dan’s bday is the official beginning of Summer Season but the weather is showing otherwise. Lately, we have been taking advantage and spending most of our weekends waterside.

All this sun exposure is doing wonders for my blossoming marriage. This morning I wake to see him standing in his underwear over the coffee pot. Can we say morning wood??? Not him but me, damn he’s good looking. Arms are buff and skin is now not only tatted up but bronze, and his man thighs are thick & strong to support that “black girl” booty. This is why I will love Marines, its like milk IT DOES A BODY GOOD. At this point I’m drinking out of an orange juice container eyeing him and juice is starting to seep out of the corners of my lips. Must. Get. A. Grip.

Morning hot flashes like the ones I am talking about are great and all, but I need to re-adjust myself and quick because it only to get worse. Dan has begun training/dieting for Officer Candidate School selection thats coming up in July. Which mean we must end our love triangle with beer and powdered doughnuts. Damnit. This sucks. I love Mrs. Braids and sharing a bottle of wine in the evenings. I decided to include myself in this training b/c if he is making the effort to keep that BODY up then I best better keep up with him. Its not fair to have a hot husband and the wife be all chunks! So, while giving up  my doughnuts is traumatic, giving up my sex appeal would not be in the best interest in the longjevity of my relationship. Boot Camp here I come. Yay.

Devil Dog

**Interesting Fact of the Day: This year both mine and Dan’s b-day fall on the holidays of Mother’s & Father’s Day with the genders matching accordingly. All together now, “Cheeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzyyyyyyy!!!!”

One response to “Double Take…

  1. JO – Your blog is one of the absolutely entertaining that I’ve read in a long time. I look forward to reaing more.

    Warmest Regards,

    Samantha Darr

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