I’ve been dead for the last semester and now that I am alive again I promise myself to get back to writing…. err blogging?

Stay tuned.

PS- A lot has changed, so much that I should change the name of this blog.

Missed you.

Empire State of Mind

It’s where dreams are made of.

There is nothing you can’t do.

Because the streets will make you feel brand new and the BIG lights will inspire you.

Let’s here it for New York…

New York….

New York.

I’m the new Sinatra.



Today I was introduced to  someone of significance. At one point in her career, Oscar De La Renta faxed her sketches of his upcoming line, talked fashion with David Bowie, and came on a tad too strong with Woody Allen once.

And I am not kidding.

She was from Midland, a small town gal, decades behind… like me.





She told me to do the right thing….





“Move out of Texas” she said… “You are young and ambitious? Aren’t you?” she said… “You can move back to Texas when you are no longer ambitious and STILL AREN’T RICH” she said… “You can write from anywhere in the world” she said…



Damn you, Bond, you are so fucking right. Too bad I’m chicken shit.



** Song of the Day **  Um, its self explanatory what song has been belting out in my tiny brain all day.

Hey Mama

You made me from scratch.

You got it right the VERY first time.

A real woman, a real feminist.

I love you.

I try to be just like you.

I’ll die trying to make u happy.

I want to scream so loud for you.

I am so proud of you.

I know I act a fool but I promised you I’m going back to school…..

Back to school.



Missing you mama.

“Your look is more like nuclear and no body wants it.”

I have nothing remotely interesting going on in my bubble. Absolutely nothing. I must be tired.

It’s the second week of school in my last semester– a whooping 22 hours! It isn’t killing me yet, but ask mid-October.

Did you know there is a graduation fee? No, seriously. At SFASU its $25 bucks! Twenty-Five Dollars. Wtf? There should be a fucking plaque with my picture on it next to the future baseball field; as in since my time at SFASU I have never had a bill less than 400 PER semester in parking fees. No joke. I’m going to make a scrapbook of all my mishaps to show my kids, I seriously think I have an old boot back from my high school days.

A quick re-cap on all my current schedule, feel free to laugh… or be jealous.

Art100- Drawing. A Freshman level course but you know how I roll. No rules. No grading criteria. Just draw your ass off.

HMS363- Advanced Textiles. Further study on genetic makeup of every single fabric known or ever created by man.

HMS212- History of Interiors. Another Freshman level course. Tedious and thats why I waited so long to take.

HMS400- Professional Lecture Series. Oh. My. Gah. Such a fucking  joke. We also have to wear “professional” attire EVERYDAY that we have class, so I have promised myself to wear them EXACT same outfit each time she sees me. I’ll show her.

HMS137- Principles of Food & Preparation. Love this course.

ACC101- Principles of Accounting. Repeat. I’m still bitter.

HMS208- Creative Design Studio. I was the most nervous about this class… so far… so good.

AGR480- Topics in AGR. Our class has a real client! We drawing up blueprints for a horse stable. Go ahead and laugh.


So this is my life, everyday, for the next 100 and some odd days. Nite-Nite.


** Song of the Day ** The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen. 


*** The title is a movie quote, sorta interesting fact of the day-ish…..

Ann Marie & Charlie

Charlie Bear Vicknair was born August 16, 2008 and came from a litter of four. He was the Alpha and only male. He would hog all of his mother’s milk and at three days old he had no teeth and his eyes hadn’t open, yet on that morning we found him asleep in the food bowl with kibble breaking down in his mouth. We should have known then…

Thanksgiving of that same year, Charlie ran away to Beltway 8 and was actually run over (by the neck) and survived. He scared the crap out of us but we believed him to be Super POM! He even had tire tread marks on his fur.

Charlie was named for two special reasons: we were dying for a dog named Charlie from “All Dogs go to Heaven”  and my family teased that I resembled Ann Marie when I was little.  Secondly, we give our dogs treats that are titled “Charlie Bears” so it seemed destined.

A few days ago we found Charlie’s body in a sleeping position, and I can only hope he was dreaming of Dingos and Charlie Bear treats… I miss you so much Boo-Bear.

I have been crying for you every day mostly because the house is too quite and I actually miss things being broken when you have been there. I would give anything (including graduation) if you were alive again and I hope you know how much Daniel and I loved you.

In “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” after Charlie died he visited Ann Marie in her dreams, I hope you do the same.

Best Friends Forever.

ac1(Happy Family)

pups(Charlie is at the far right, he was the only one born with a pink nose and green eyes, just like his mother.)

bears at play(I know he is chewing up Jesus’s sandle on his cloud)

 all-dogs-go-to-heaven-disney-animation(Charlie & I in the after life)

**Interesting Fact of the Day ** There will no longer be any more interesting facts of the day, its mostly crap I saw on tv, things Daniel told me throughout my day, or things that occur in my real life– I think its more suiting for song of the day instead 🙂

PS-Daniel highly disputes this new change in the blog.

** Song of the Day **  “Soon You’ll Come Home” Lana Beeson from “All Dogs Go to Heaven” Soundtrack. G.I.B. it will have you in real tears.

You know your husband is a liar when…

He writes this load of bull to make you feel better about your documented stupidity.

My heart shall long for you. The one I call my own. The one who holds me in the night, till the mornings early dawn. My queen, my desire, A slave I am to thee. My heart breaks, I stumble when our love, our ties, broken by these distances. I long for you, your tenderness, your touch. My queen bean.

PS- It actually quite good for a 30 second mission.

Self Loathing in Nacogdoches???

Hello cruel world!

It’s been damn near a month since I have written anything recreational. Where have I been? Slummin’ it up at the HCC. A mockery of higher education, yet this hardly witty punchline just kicked my ass. Hard. It knocked me straight into ground and I’ve digested dirt among other unpleasant things.

The self proclaimed “artist” (me) are truley scattered brain and only bring one skill to this earth… that would be some given specialty…. my specialty is still yet to be categorized but I know for damn sure it is not accounting. Mother Fucker.

I am having a hard time coping with the fact that my window of victory seems to grow smaller so that my wide ass hips cannot fit through. Ugh!

I’m too negative to continue with this useless rant. It ruins the “artistry” of it. Ha. See? Meanie Beanie is still me, I just made a funny.


** Useless Fact of the Day ** Ratatouille says the word “hell” in the movie. For Shame!!!